Heritage Sash Windows

Our heritage sash window range has been specifically designed for listed buildings. Featuring 12mm double glazed units or 7mm vacuum double glazing with a putty style fronted finish and solid 25mm glazing bars. 
Preserving the unique character of listed buildings in London and the surrounding areas.

All our heritage sash windows are available in softwood or Accoya.

  • Hand made by us in our Harlow factory.
  • 12mm double glazed units
  • 7mm vacuum glazing
  • Slimline heritage double glazing
  • Rustproof nylon wheel axle pulleys
  • Perimeter weather seals
  • 6mm Pre-stretched nylon sash cord.
  • Lead weights
  • Teknos coatings
Accoya double glazed sash windows

From just £800 per window


With our perimiter weather sealing system.

Accoya sash windows

All accoya windows come with a 50 year rot free guarantee. Accoya is the world’s leading long life sustainable wood. Accoya delivers remarkable levels of performance, stability and durability. For this reason we manufacture our heritage sash windows in Accoya.

We are a certified accoya joinery manufacturer.

accoya joinery manufacturer

heritage sash windows London

The best way to provide a vintage look to your home, have been utilized in the United Kingdom for many years, ever since they first became fashionable in Victorian and Georgian times. They consist of variety of individual boxed frames constructed in one or more movable sections of window that slide over one another by the utilization of counterweights and chords. 

How we work

At Highgate Joinery, we can manufacture a wide range of joinery products, from traditional box sash windows to match your existing windows, to slimline double glazed box sash windows that are typically used in heritage and listed projects and standard double-glazed timber windows and are suitable for new builds or more modern homes. Just contact us and we will work with you to provide exactly what you need. Our windows meet UK building controls and has the additional advantage of giving present day age warm protection qualities with original look of bespoke timber windows. We are situated in Essex and provide deliveries all through the capital and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today and we will work with you to give precisely what you require.

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