Accoya Arched Door & Gate for a London Project

Looking to smartify the kerb appeal of your London home? Our recent project shows off a cracking custom-made Accoya arched front door and matching gate.

Accoya’s Durability Meets Classic Design

Accoya wood’s got some right good strength, won’t wobble about a bit, and deals with all that British weather like a champ. This smashing arched entranceway combines the loveliness of a traditional design with Accoya’s top-notch performance.

A Grand Entrance for Your London Home, Innit?

Just imagine the right impression your posh arched Accoya door and gate will make! It adds a touch of grandeur to your place, while the brilliant qualities of Accoya mean it’ll look tip-top for years to come.

Fancy a Chat?

Get in touch today for a free consultation and we can natter about how a bespoke Accoya arched entranceway can elevate your London home.

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